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modern meets chic with a twist of minimalism.

For many of my friends and family who know me so well, knows that writing is something that I have been struggling with. I was not the best and still isn’t great at expressing how I feel or what I do into words. But I will try though, because I would love to share more of my work with everyone who’s willing to read and learn with me through my experiences and I think everyone is unique even when we are doing similar things. So here goes nothing with “my journal”.

Candice Lawson, Real Estate Lawyer

Photo Credit: Candace Lawson


Candace Lawson

A passionate real estate professional who loves her job and her clients. Candace and I met through one of my best friends many months back. Us ladies wanted to be connected to empower each other and share our ideas, how we can better one another in our different fields. Soon after that, Candace had mentioned a collaboration, her office transformation. I was thrilled to hear her idea and with no hesitation, I jumped right in!

That is how this whole project began.

the process

I love the process as much I love the final reveal day!

From a few meet-ups to visiting the office, took measurements and planning a furniture plan in AutoCAD program.  From sourcing out furniture to shopping with Candace for home / office decor at several of our local home retail stores to setting up a firm date to install everything. During all of this, it was such a pleasure  working with Candace.
Up next is creating a concept for the project. At this stage, it is vital to ensure that we get the colour palette and inspiration / styles for the clients down right.

Concept - Candace Lawson Office

mini concept

After getting to know Candace and her style, I came up with a colour palette & inspiration plus a mini mood board. 

The concept for Candace’s office is to create that feeling of coziness, homey yet functioning as an office. Where she feels like she’s at home yet working away. Basically, a home away from home type of feeling. In terms of furniture and decor items, they have been carefully selected based on her style, colour palette chosen to ensure everything falls into place. The intention is quite noticeable, we wanted to achieve our original goal / concept and bring it to life. 

Colour Palette - Candace Lawson Office
Mood Board - Candace Lawson Office

before transformation

before the transformation

I love the flooring and the light grey walls in the office. The moment I walked into the room, I saw the potential this room had. It is a smaller space, lower ceiling and uber modern otherwise. As the pictures shown on the right here, potential is a 10 out of 10. Working on transforming this space is quite a challenge due to its size contrasting the concept we wanted to achieve. As seen above, the colour palette and mini mood board describe which direction we were headed.

Again, the concept we wanted to achieve was the feeling of coziness, homey and yet functions like an office.

Old office desk and chairs
Old office furniture


Carrying accessories up stairs


Yes! What you see is what you get here, with us. The process is what we adore and love. From going on shopping sprees with our client to lugging all the shopping bags to our cars and finally deliver them to the site and execute the installation.

The overall execution of this final process is fun yet a little stress depending on how everything goes. From our experiences, we would over compensate or over purchase our home or office decor that we see work for the project. If we don’t end up using everything, we could always refund what we do not use. 

We will list all the stores below along with each items purchased with links.

Vase on ground mid way through transformation
placing wall arts in frame
wall arts preparation
measuring for wall arts
Planning space for hanging pictures
decorating stage

final product

the reveal

Here it is, the final reveal! A few hours later with so much work, effort and dedication to bring this empty-ish office into life was so much fun for us!

We love how everything turned out, as much as our client did. Candace was so patient and as excited as we were from the beginning of this project. She was so sweet, so understanding and easy going. We were so delighted to work with her and helped with this transformation. 

As the pictures on the right and below are shown, we love the transformation and everything looked amazing. Our client was blown away by everything.

We will explain how we overcame our biggest challenge more below.

macrame on the wall with artificial plant
gold desk lamp detail
Mirror Design on Wall
Side profile of mirrors and plant
Calendar design

a quote to ponder on...

make it simple, but significant.

– Don Draper

the challenge

The challenge we had to overcome was ensuring that we would still achieve our goal with its size. We wanted to bring life to the office, the feeling of coziness, homey and still functioning as an office. The process of selecting furniture pieces, arts, decor items, and accessories was meticulously thorough. We wanted to make sure that each piece does not whatsoever shrink the space from its original size. Also, light colour furniture play a huge role in ensuring that it does not crowd the room. 

Adding enough of these beautiful gold frames from IKEA with simple arts, three wall mirrors from HomeSense and a macrame with artificial plants and to finish off with cozy cushions and faux fur white throw to warm up the office allow for homey feels. Everything we did was intentional. Our client loves everything about her office now, we are super happy with this transformation too.

Storage for Office with Ikea Cubes
gold frames with minimal art
Chair and Plant Detail
Office Desk Detail
storage and decor
gold hooks
corner of office detail with artificial plant
hooks for hanging jackets with macrame and artificial plant
beautiful cushions stored in cute basket

products list

Baskets – Structube ( in store only )
Boho Macrame – HomeSense ( in store only )
Ceramic Vase – Structube
Desk Chair – Marshalls ( in store only )
Clock – IKEA
Cushions – Structube
Desk – Structube
Desk Lamp – IKEA
Faux Plant – IKEA
Frames – IKEA
Gold Hooks – IKEA
Mirrors – Three – HomeSense ( in store only )
Plants / Pots are – IKEA ( in store only )
Pictures – IKEA
Shelf Unit – IKEA
Vase – Ikea ( check IKEA store )
White Magazine Basket – IKEA

All accessories including books, calendar and other decor/ storage that we have not mentioned are from HomeSense.

final thoughts

Here we are, the end. I wanted to thank you for reading or even scrolling through, my journal. I hope everyone enjoyed this office transformation piece. I worked hard on getting this piece together, since writing isn’t my greatest gift. With that being said, if you guys have any questions, please comment below or email. I’ll definitely answer them

For now, I will see you in my next piece.

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